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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the original tracker boat seats?

Looking for the original Tracker Boat Seats? Typically the original boat seats for your Tracker boat are available for approximately 3 years after the boat model's release date. If your boat is 3 years old or newer, you can find a local dealer to inquire about Tracker seat replacements here.

What is a tracker boat?

Tracker® was the first complete, ready-to-fish boat to hit the market and has been a leader ever after. Great Lakes Skipper is proud to bring you OEM Tracker Marine boat parts at closeout prices. TRACKER Boats: It's More Than a Boat.

How do I request a part from Tracker marine parts?

Just fill out the Part Finder contact form and a Tracker Marine Parts specialist will email you with pricing and availability for your requested part.

How long do boat seats last?

Usually the original boat seats for your boat are available for around 5 years after the boat models release date, but will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. These seats, if available, can be ordered from a certified dealership, and are typically on the expensive side.

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