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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mako marine?

MAKO Marine, Inc., was founded by Robert Schwebke (pronounced “Shwebkey”) in 1967. Although Schwebke was a surveyor by trade, his inability to find an affordable boat that offered a safe and functional fishing platform led to his developing the first MAKO boats.

How much does a Mako boat cost?

Mako boats aren’t the most expensive boats in their class, but they certainly aren’t the cheapest either. An 18-foot offshore boat will cost you a minimum of $35,000.00, and an 18-foot inshore boat will cost a minimum of $27,000.00.

Are Mamako boats good for fishing?

MAKO boats quickly garnered a reputation as overbuilt, hardcore fishing machines built to take you to the fish even in adverse conditions—and that would keep you, your crew and your family safe while doing so.

Are Tracker Boats still in business?

In the late 90s, Tracker bought the company out. These boats are now under the control of Bass Pro Shops and White River Marine Group and have been for over 20 years. Any time a boat company changes hands, you’re bound to see many different changes.

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