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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of boat is tracker marine?

Devoted to building vessels fitting every lifestyle of angler, Tracker Marine consists of four boat divisions. Tracker boats and Nitro performance bass boats divisions specialize in serious sport fishing.

What is the final division of tracker marine?

The final division of the Tracker Marine company is a ski and fish boat brand called Tahoe. (*)Includes the value of the outboard motor. (**)Includes the value of the outboard motor and trailer. (***)Includes the value of the trailer.

What is a tracker® deep V?

Overview TRACKER® Deep V models are built to provide the toughness and wave-slicing performance needed to take on bigger waters. They feature a sharp deadrise at the bow that transitions to a moderate angle aft–the result is a boat that will cut through larger waves while still providing stability at rest.

Why buy a tracker?

The TRACKER team uses industry-leading processes, technology and materials to create top-quality boats that will last a lifetime. Easy To Own. INDUSTRY LEADING WARRANTY. Day in, day out, year after year after year—you can boat easy knowing your TRACKER is backed by an industry-leading warranty through it all.

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