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Frequently Asked Questions

How to pay for toll?

Method 1 of 2: Using Cash to Pay Tolls Be aware of areas that don't accept cash at toll booths. At some toll booths, you can only pay using a pass or with Pay-By-Plate. Pay with cash in exact change at unmanned toll booths. Follow the signs to go to the toll lane that accepts cash. Get change for up to a $50 bill at manned toll booths. ... More items...

Who owns toll roads in America?

American Roads LLC is a privately-held American company that owns and operates toll road facilities in the United States and Canada.

How much does a toll road cost?

The costs of the toll will depend on the toll road, the time of the day, the method of payment, and how far you traveled on that road. For example, the toll rates on the 73 Toll Road can cost $3.95 to $5.75. However, on the 133, 241 and 261 Toll Roads, the rates can range from $1.30 to $3.

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