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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose US therapy rooms?

US Therapy Rooms aims to pass on as many enquiries as possible to owners of therapist offices, treatment rooms, salon suites and salon spaces, massage rooms, gym spaces for rent and many more types of therapist spaces to rent.

How easy is it to book therapy rooms?

Therapy rooms are very easy to book online you can see in advance which room you are getting and what furniture is there. Highly recommend it Read More I have being a customer of Therapy Rooms for over two years and have booked almost 500 hours online.

What kind of space do you offer for therapy?

From luxury talking therapy offices and salons for rent, to gym spaces for rent, yoga spaces, converted garages and more! Forgot your password? Click Here Do You Manage Therapy Office Space?

What is the best way to advertise a therapy room? is an excellent way to advertise therapy rooms , it's professional service has helped me to reach more therapists looking for rooms than I could have done through other advertising mediums. I'd highly recommend it. Read More Thanks very much for allowing me to advertise. I found the site great and I got many enquiries.

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