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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Faerie Queene in the Great Gatsby?

Faerie Queene (also known as Gloriana) - Though she never appears in the poem, the Faerie Queene is the focus of the poem; her castle is the ultimate goal or destination of many of the poem’s characters. She represents Queen Elizabeth, among others, as discussed in the Commentary. Redcrosse - The Redcrosse Knight is...

Who does the Faerie Queene represent in the poem?

Gloriana, the Faerie Queene, an idealized portrait of Queen Elizabeth. Although she does not appear in the extant portion of the poem, many of the knights set out on their quests from her court, and they often praise her virtue and splendor. Prince Arthur, the legendary British hero, who represents Magnificence, the perfection of all virtues.

Who is Redcrosse in the Faerie Queene?

The Faerie Queene Character List. Redcrosse. The knight of Holiness, who is in fact a "tall clownishe yonge man" who alone would take the quest to free Una's parents from the dragon. His adventures represent the individual Christian's struggles to maintain personal holiness while avoiding pride in all its forms.

Who are eunomie and eumnestes in the Faerie Queene?

Eumnestes is the old man on the upper floors of Book 2, Canto 9's House of Temperance. He represents memory or remembrance of history. Eunomie is an assistant to Mercilla in Book 5, Canto 9. She is one of the Hours. The Faerie Queene, also known as Gloriana, is the queen of Faery land and the titular character.

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