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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the gong shop tuned Thai gongs?

Tuned Thai Gongs from The Gong Shop are known worldwide for both their quality, resonance, and perfect tuning. We hand select all of our Tuned Thai Gongs in Southeast Asia from the finest gong factories. Our Tuned Thai Gongs are made from the highest quality bronze formula and fine tuned by master gong tuners.

What is an faff5 tuned Thai gong?

F#5 Tuned Thai Gong is a hand-hammered bronze gong. We hand-select all of our Tuned Thai Gongs. Our Tuned Thai Gongs are initially tuned in Thailand and then fine tuned by The Gong Shop before we ship them.

How many types of gongs are there in Malaysia?

List of gongs 1 Agung 2 Babendil 3 Bonang 4 Gandingan 5 Gong ageng 6 Gungsa 7 Kempul 8 Kempyang and ketuk 9 Kenong 10 Khong mon More items...

What is the difference between Gong and chau gong?

Gongs are made mainly from bronze or brass but there are many other alloys in use. ... A chau gong is made of copper-based alloy, bronze, or brass.

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