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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Google Telugu typing work on Windows 10?

Google Telugu Typing works on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 (32 Bit and 64 Bit). Google Input Tools Telugu for Windows is an input form editor that allows users to type letters using the English QWERTY keyboard.

How to install Telugu Supplemental Fonts in Windows 10?

Refer the steps mentioned below: Press Windows logo key + I, to open Settings. Click on Apps and select Apps & Features from the left pane. Click on Optional features. Now, click on Add a feature and look for Telugu Supplemental Fonts. Click on it and select Install.

How to type in Telugu language?

For type in Telugu language you will need a software for Telugu typing. here we are providing a free software for download and type in Telugu. Features of this software is given below: 1. You can download ans install it on your system, you don't need Internet to access this software.

Is there any free Telugu typing software available?

Yes, it is FREE. We don't charge you a Rupee, a Pence, or a Cent. Download the Telugu typing software by clicking on above link. Once downloaded, extract the file with any zip opener like winzip or other software. After extracting the file you will find setup file.

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