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Frequently Asked Questions

How much did Deutsche Telekom pay for T-Mobile?

Deutsche Telekom is paying more than $7 billion to raise its stake in its U.S. unit T-Mobile under a share-swap deal with Japan's SoftBank Group, CEO Tim Hoettges said on Tuesday.

What does SoftBank's acquisition of T-Mobile mean for Deutsch Telekom?

Deutsche Telekom has struck a $7 billion share-swap deal with SoftBank Group to increase its stake in U.S. unit T-Mobile and sold its Dutch unit in a major shake-up that strengthens the German group's transatlantic focus.

How much will Deutsch Telekom's dividend increase this year?

Deutsche Telekom's board of management will propose raising its dividend to 0.64 euros per share this year, up from 0.60 euros in 2020, the company said on Thursday.

Is Deutsche Telekom looking for an industrial partner for its towers business?

The CEO of Deutsche Telekom said he was open to finding an industrial partner for its towers infrastructure, days after Vodafone said it would consider opportunities for such a move for its recently-listed towers business.

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