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Frequently Asked Questions

What tool kits do telecommunication technicians need?

Installation and maintenance/service tool kits for telecommunication technicians are designed for use with all networking applications. They provide everything needed to install wiring, connectorize cable and perform troubleshooting.

What is included in the electrical contractor Telecom kit?

The Electrical Contractor Telecom Kit is comprised of Fluke Networks’ industry standard tools and test equipment. All of these products are brought together in a Cordura® Case that will last for years.

What tools are included in the IS50 Pro-Tool Kit?

The IS50 Pro-Tool kit is comprised of the most essential tools for electrical and telecom technicians in a durable compact PVC pouch. The following items are included in this convenient kit: D914S™ Impact Tool, Electrician's D-Snips™, Cable Stripper, and an EverSharp™ 66/110 Cut Blade

What do you need in a network tool kit?

Three network tool kits combinations to choose from to meet a multitude of network applications. The professional tools you need to cut, strip, clean and connect wire and cable in datacom and telecom applications.

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