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Frequently Asked Questions

What is OSS and BSS in Telecom?

OSS & BSS are two legs which complete E2E Telecom. OSS is nerve system in the system whereas BSS is heart but both system are important and play equally role to generate revenue. Leakage on one leg will be a failure of other.

What are the types of telecommunication?

In private homes, the most common types of telecommunications equipment are telephones, VoIP and Internet. Electronic and optical switches route telephone calls and packets of data to their destinations, relaying signals from radios in taxis, airplanes, boats, and emergency vehicles.

What is telecom infrastructure technology?

Telecommunications infrastructure is very similar. It is a physical medium through which all Internet traffic flows. This includes telephone wires, cables (including submarine cables), satellites, microwaves, and mobile technology such as fifth-generation (5G) mobile networks. Even the standard electric grid can be used to relay Internet traffic utilising power-line technology.

What is telecom networking?

NETWORK TELECOM is a business specializing in telecommunications systems, line and SIP (Voip) services, data networks and cabling infrastructures, located in Kitchener, ON.

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