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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I link to TeamViewer from my website?

It's possible to add a customized button on your own website which links to the TeamViewer installation file or the TeamViewer website. You can use our Button Generator page to create a TeamViewer button according to your needs. The page will create HTML code which you can copy and paste onto your own website.

How do I download TeamViewer?

Installing TeamViewer (Windows) Open a web browser. TeamViewer will need to be installed on both the computer you are accessing remotely and the computer you're using. Visit the TeamViewer website. Click the Download TeamViewer button. This will download the installer for Windows. Click the downloaded installer.

Do I need TeamViewer?

This is when you need TeamViewer. Your friend can access your computer through teamviewer and fix it remotely. It obviously can be the other way round as well. Often businesses also operate on remote sharing basis.

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