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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of a flower tattoo?

Meanings of Flowers Tattoos. Flower tattoos are one of the most popular themes among ink lovers. In fact, floral tattoos have been widely prominent throughout history, and are commonly known for being symbols of natural beauty and life. The meanings behind each flower can vary depending on the culture and the time period.

What does a blue lotus flower tattoo symbolize?

Blue Lotus. As one of the rarer colors, blue lotus flowers symbolize wisdom, knowledge, and the ability to conquer one’s emotions, aspirations, and senses. It is generally represented as a partially open bud, which is said to signify the embodiment of wisdom. Purple Lotus

What flower goes with a butterfly tattoo?

Tattoos of butterflies and flowers symbolize evolution, independence, and love. 1. Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo with Roses. The roses with a butterfly together represent passion, affection, and metamorphosis. This is a delicate and gorgeous pattern that is both classy and elegant. A great option if you like flower tattoos.

What does flower of Life tattoo mean?

What does the Flower of Life tattoo mean? The meaning of the Flower of Life symbol is that it represents the “cycle of creation”. It shows how all life comes from a single source, represented by the circle in the center of the pattern. People believe that there is a hidden secret symbol.

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