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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the strategic management tool (SMT) services acquisition application?

The Strategic Management Tool (SMT) Services Acquisition Application is used to manage the services acquisitions and contract information for related requirements.

What is the strategic management tool (SMT) Rad admin menu?

The Strategic Management Tool (SMT) RAD Admin menu is designed to build and maintain workflows. The RAD Admin Overview session will walk through how to create the roles, assign users to the roles and build the workflow steps with the roles.

Why is SMS important to the Army Enterprise?

A tool available to the Army enterprise is important because by enabling commands to use the same performance management software, SMS is more economically sound and efficient than having each organization develop, purchase, implement and sustain their own application.

What is the Army campaign plan?

Implementation – The Army Campaign Plan is the governance and assessment process to ensure synchronized implementation of the Army Strategy. The Army Campaign Plan will designate organizational leads for supporting strategic efforts, develop intermediate objectives, track progress, and assess risk.

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