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Frequently Asked Questions

Is storiesig safe to view stories without an account?

level 2 Op· 4 yr. ago StoriesIG is a website that lets you view public stories without needing an account. I just want to know if it's safe and entirely anonymous?

Is it possible to download Instagram stories without the poster knowing?

yes, you can view and download anyone Instagram stories without notifying to the poster, its 100% save and secure. well I normally use Instagram story downloaderits similar to storiesig. 2 Reply

How to download Instagram stories or Story Archive?

Download instagram stories or story archive (#highlights) 1. Enter Instagram user name and click download button 2. Select current story or highlights this page 3. After click " Save as " button for save your Pc,Phone or Mac Get Started Questions & Answers ❓ How can I download stories from Instagram?

How to download stories from storysaver to your device?

Just follow the necessary steps and save the stories you want to download to your device in seconds. First step is to access using the recommended up-to-date Google Chrome browser.

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