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Frequently Asked Questions

How to download Instagram stories or Story Archive?

Download instagram stories or story archive (#highlights) 1. Enter Instagram user name and click download button 2. Select current story or highlights this page 3. After click " Save as " button for save your Pc,Phone or Mac Get Started Questions & Answers ❓ How can I download stories from Instagram?

How do I download all of a user's stories?

Copy the link of one of the stories or copy the username of that profile you want to download all thier stories. All stories in the last 24 hour will appear scroll between them, and notice if there is more than 6 stories you will find the rest of the stories in page 2,3,..

Is igstoriesig safe and anonymous?

StoriesIG is a website that lets you view public stories without needing an account. I just want to know if it's safe and entirely anonymous? Yeah it's safe - I'm using though. Basically any of these types of services fetches the media from a random account instead of your own. Simple :) I hate this!

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