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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the famous short story writers of Great Britain?

Apart from the legendary Dickens, Joseph Conrad, Diana Athill, and Roald Dahl are some of the iconic short story writers produced by Great Britain. Roald Dahl became a world known figure through the various short stories he had written targeted for children.

Who are the most famous female writers in Britain?

Britain has also produced a number of acclaimed female writers like Jane Austen, George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans), and the Bronte sisters. In the contemporary era, British writers like Lauren Child and J. K. Rowling have emerged amongst the most popular writers of children’s books.

Who is the greatest English writer of all time?

This ranking is based on an algorithm that combines various factors, including the votes of our users and search trends on the internet. English playwright, poet, and actor William Shakespeare is widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language. He is also often called England's national poet.

How many best novels have been written in English?

The 100 best novels written in English: the full list. After two years of careful consideration, Robert McCrum has reached a verdict on his selection of the 100 greatest novels written in English. Take a look at his list.

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