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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for "store clerk"?

What is another word for store clerk? Noun. An employee at a (usually retail) shop. assistant. salesperson. clerk. seller. server. vender UK.

What is the definition of a store clerk?

A store clerk is an entry level retail sales position, who is responsible for selling merchandise and providing customer services for patrons on the floor.

What is the job description of a retail store clerk?

The job description of most retail clerks usually involves selling items and providing answers to customers. It may also involve handling of cash registers and managing the company’s inventory. The sales clerk works under the supervision of the manager or the owner of the retail business.

What does a store clerk do for a clothing store?

A Store Clerk assists in the daily operations of a store and works under the direct supervision of a store manager or assistant store manager. Store Clerks are responsible for selling products and providing customer service to consumers on the floor.

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