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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy stationery sets?

Amazon: Amazon is often the first place people go to shop online, so it’s no surprise this online superstore has plenty of stationery. They offer a wide array of stationery supplies, including greeting cards, invitations, notepads, notecard sets]

Where to order personalized stationery?

Choose from our wide selection of paper products that can be personalized to accommodate any writing situation you may come across. Call American Stationery today for any questions regarding personalized stationery or to place an order toll-free at 1-800-822-2577.

What is a stationary store?

The meaning of a stationary store is a store that doesn't move. Most stores are stationary. Some stores that aren't stationary would include ice cream trucks and snake oil salesmen. Stationary stores shouldn't be confused with stationery stores which are shops that sell paper, pens, envelopes and other office and art type equipment.

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