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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you spell station?

The Correct spelling is: station. Common misspellings of the word station are: staion. station in french. station in spanish. station in german. station in italian.

What is the definition of station?

Use station in a sentence. noun. The definition of station is a place where a particular event occurs or is headquartered, or a company involved in broadcasting. The stopping place for trains is an example of a train station.

What is the best internet radio station?

WFMU is the grandaddy of them all. The longest-running independent radio station in the U.S. is also one of the best internet radio stations on the web. This listener-funded station offers a free-form variety of eclectic shows that are sure to provide something for everyone.

How do I listen to radio on my computer?

Navigate to the CBC Radio website to listen to the radio on your PC. CBC is a Canadian-based radio station that offers both real-time and archived broadcasts. With CBC you can listen to the radio on your PC by program name and to online music channels. You also have the ability to listen live.

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