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Frequently Asked Questions

How many ecosystems does Startup Genome study?

Startup Genome has nearly doubled the number of ecosystems studied since 2019 — assessing over 270 ecosystems across over 100 countries to rank the top 30 globally and runners-up. Our ranking this year goes beyond the top ecosystems to include “Emerging Ecosystems” — the next 100 ecosystems after the top ones.

How does Seattle rank in Startup Genome’s Global Startup Ecosystem rankings?

Seattle ranked ninth in the Startup Genome’s annual global startup ecosystem rankings, up one position from its spot last year. The region also ranked second in North America in terms of ecosystem knowledge.

Where are the world’s Top Startup ecosystems?

The global startup ecosystem map now includes more ecosystems and countries. Six countries have two or more top startup ecosystems. The runners-up (#31 to #40) include a mix of ecosystems — a few that have fallen out of the top 30 rankings such as Munich, Miami, and Bern-Geneva, and a few that have moved up such as Dallas and Delhi.

What is a startup ecosystem and why does it matter?

Startups have become a top growth engine of the economy and policymakers are putting more energy and focus into the development of their startup ecosystems. A few startup ecosystems stand out from the 100 emerging startup ecosystems based across some key factors.

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