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Frequently Asked Questions

How to access startup apps?

Open the Startup folder (either for a particular user or All Users) and right-click on the empty area.Now hoover over New and select Shortcut. ...Then click on the Browse button and navigate to the folder where the application/process is located. ...Now click on the OK button and in the resulting screen, click on Next. ...More items...

How to control startup programs in Windows 7?

Reboot the computer to finalize changes to startup items.If you do not restart your computer, your startup programs will revert to their original settings.When you have deselected an item in MSConfig, you will be starting in"Selective startup" mode. This can be viewed under the "general" tab in MSconfig.If you subsequently decide to choose Normal Startup", all disabled items will be re-enabled.

How to add application to startup?

How to add an app to the Start menu's All apps listUse the Windows key + R keyboard shortcut to open the Run command.Type the following path and click OK: %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\ProgramsUsing the Windows key + Right arrow keyboard shortcut snap the window to the right.Browse to the location of the app, where the .exe file is located.More items...

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