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Frequently Asked Questions

How to launch apps automatically during startup on Windows 11?

To start an app automatically through the Startup folder, use these steps:Open Start.Search for Run and click the top result to launch the tool.Type the following command and click the OK button. ...Click the New menu and select the Shortcut option. ...Click the Browse button. ...Open the app installation folder. ...Select the app executable (.exe) file that launches the program. ...Click the OK button.Click the Next button.More items...

How to add programs to startup in Windows 11?

What to KnowLaunch Windows Start and select the Settings app.Open the Apps section and then tap Startup.Toggle apps you want to launch when Windows 11 boots.

How to disable or remove startup programs in Windows 11?

To remove startup programs in Windows 11, follow these steps:Right-click on the Start menu or press Win+X.Select the Task Manager from the WinX menu.Switch to the Startup tab.Select an app you want to remove from startup.Click the Disable button.

How to set your default apps on Windows 11?

To do this, see the steps below:Go to Settings>Apps section.Go to Default apps.Choose your Browser, which you want to make as the default.Associate the file types present on the screen, like htm, select the desired Browser and click OK.Repeat this step for all the protocols/types present on the page.

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