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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fuel surcharge?

The fuel surcharge for StarTrack services reflects a weighting of our direct and indirect fuel-related costs to total cost and the monthly average of index spot prices for: National Average Diesel Price (c/litre incl. GST) located on the Australian Institute of Petroleumwebsite

How do carriers calculate surcharges?

While there's no regulatory body forcing carriers to calculate surcharges the same way, many follow a simple formula. First, they determine how much diesel costs changed by subtracting the original fuel price with the updated price. Then, the carrier will take that number and divide it by the truck's miles per gallon to create a fuel cost per mile.

How far in advance is the fuel surcharge published?

15.5% The surcharge is published 6 weeks in advance. StarTrack Courier fuel surcharge View StarTrack Courier fuel surcharge. Other price changes View details relating to other price changes. We'd rather not keep you waiting Our phone lines are extremely busy right now. If it’s urgent, please feel free to give us a call.

How does ups assess fuel surcharges?

UPS assesses a fuel surcharge to its International Air Freight Services customers that takes into account the changing carrier fuel surcharges, origin and destination country lane combinations impacted, affected volume, and where applicable, local government regulations and requirements.

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