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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Startpage search engine a virus?

The Startpage privacy search engine (our product) cannot install itself on your computer. However, there is a virus with a similar name called the Trojan-Startpage virus that self-installs and then changes your home page. It can also change your default search engine. Trojan-Startpage is a malicious virus created by hackers.

What is the best free search engine?

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is an online network of millions of experienced professionals from around the world, representing dozens of Find out who owns an 800 number with Internet 800 Directory.Superpages: Search for U.S. ...More items...

Is startpage or DuckDuckGo better?

Startpage gives better results, DuckDuckGo is open source. Both doesn't track you or sell your data as far as we know. Seems to be more privacy orientated. Police officers in Moscow today are stopping people, demanding to see their phones, reading their messages, and refusing to release them if they refuse.

What is the best anonymous search engine?

Top-Rated Private Search Engines (Reviewed)DuckDuckGo – Simplifies Search Engine with Major Privacy Promises. ...Startpage - Never Tracks, Save, or Selling User Search History. ...Swisscows – Offers Family-Friendly Content with Zero Tracking. ...Disconnect Search – Never Tracks Your Online Activities, Searches, and IP Address. ...Qwant – Promises Not To Log Your Search History. ...More items...

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