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Frequently Asked Questions

How to start a small business in Scotland?

The steps of starting a small business in Scotland are simple. ☑️ Get the business idea. ☑️ Create a business plan. ☑️ Have the business plan checked. ☑️ Start your funding search. ☑️ Apply for funding. ☑️ Launch your small business. If you are ready to start your business in Scotland don't wait any longer.

How do I start my own business as a sole trader?

Take 10 minutes to read up on starting your own business as a sole trader. You cannot register your business until you’ve begun trading. You are officially trading when you’ve advertised your products or services or have your first customer. Visit the Business Gateway website for lots of advice on starting your own business.

How many companies in Scotland have been helped with Start Up Loans?

The UK Government has already helped over 3,700 companies in Scotland with start up loans. The UK Government has already helped businesses in Scotland with more than £30 million in start up loans. Start up loans are a great opportunity for individuals in need of a personal loan for business purposes to fund their new business.

Are there any government funding programmes for small businesses in Scotland?

Small businesses in Scotland are lucky since the Scotland government greatly support entrepreneurship. This means that are are many different government funding programmes in Scotland for small business owners to take advantage from. Want to see what funding in Scotland may be available for?

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