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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the three stages of?

The law of three stages is an idea developed by Auguste Comte in his work The Course in Positive Philosophy. It states that society as a whole, and each particular science, develops through three mentally conceived stages: (1) the theological stage, (2) the metaphysical stage, and (3) the positive stage.

What do the stages mean?

stage(Noun) A phase. stage(Noun) The area, in any theatre, generally raised, upon which an audience watches plays or other public ceremonies. The band returned to the stage to play an encore.

What are the four stages of life?

All the four stages of life are important for every human being and one needs to go through these stages to attain Moksha or salvation. The four stages of life represent training, creation, service and retirement. These four stages of life known as Ashramas, gain your fulfillment.

What are the five stages of disease?

The Six Stages of Disease. There are six different stages that diseases progress through (Accumulation, Aggravation, Overflow, Relocation, Manifestation, and Maturation).

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