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Frequently Asked Questions

Does spanishdict offer an iPhone application?

The SpanishDict Premium subscription offers a variety of benefits. It removes advertisements from the site, and if you use the SpanishDict app on an iPhone or iPad, you can connect the website to the app to remove ads from the app as well. (Find instructions here: How to Connect the Website to the iOS App for Premium Access) You'll also have access to a set of grammar "Cheat Sheets" and vocabulary "Phrasebooks" that can be downloaded as PDFs, which are not available on the free version of ...

What are some free apps to learn English?

Best Apps to Learn English – Free to Use. Here is a list of some best English Learning apps. Let’s dive into it. 1. Duolingo. Duolingo is the world’s greatest language learning app that you can use on any of your devices for free. Initially, it’s free, but you can also get its premium subscription to get a more thrilling learning ...

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