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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have a Smartsheet license?

You can tell whether you have a license by looking at your plan type. If your plan type is listed as Free, you don’t have a Smartsheet license. The value in the Sheets Owned section will always be 0 for a Free plan type, because you must have a license to create or own sheets.

How much does Smartsheet cost?

Smartsheet offers four different pricing plans, but only two of them have public pricing. These four tiers exist under two different categories: Standard, which is made up of the Individual and Business plans, and Enterprise, which features the Enterprise and Premier plans. Individual costs $14 per month, and is best for single users.

How do I request a Smartsheet add-on or license increase?

ONLY BILL-TO/INVOICE CUSTOMERS Request a Smartsheet Add-on or license increase in trial, Pro or Business plan. On the Navigation Bar on the left of the screen Select Account Icon > Plan & Billing Info. If you are a trial subscriber, click Upgrade My Account. If you are an existing subscriber, click Upgrade or Add Licenses/Change Plan.

What are the different types of Smartsheet plans?

Smartsheet has two classes of plan type: Pro: This multi-user plan is called Pro. It includes three licensed users; you can purchase additional licenses as needed. Business and Enterprise: A Business or Enterprise plan can have a number of licensed users (the number of licenses available will depend on the plan) and one or more System Admins.

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