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Do you know the 5 early warning signs of prostate cancer?

What Are the 5 Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer? Issues with Urinating. When it comes to prostate warning signs, the urinary system is one of the main parts of the body to keep an eye on. Blood in Semen or Urine. Blood in both the urine and seminal fluid is key to look for. ... Bodily Pain and Discomfort. ... Erectile Dysfunction. ... Weakness or Numbness. ...

Do you know the early signs of prostate cancer?

Urinary Problems: One of the earliest symptoms of prostate cancer is frequent urination. When urinating, you may also experience burning and a weak flow. Prostate cancer’s most troubling early sign is blood in the urine, Prostate Cancer News Today reports³.

Are there early warning signs of prostate cancer?

Some of the most common warning signs that can tell you are having prostate cancer are: • Having a painful or burning feeling during urination or ejaculation • Need for frequent urination, mostly during the nights • Having difficulty starting or to stop with urination • Occurrence of sudden erectile ...

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