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Frequently Asked Questions

What is application experience in Windows 7?

Application Experience is a Win32 service. In Windows 7 it won't be started if the user doesn't start it. When the Application Experience service is started, it is running as localSystem in a shared process of svchost.exe. Other system components, such as drivers and services, may run in the same process.

What is Windows 7 default services?

Windows 7 Default Services. Enables generic input access to Human Interface Devices (HID), which activates and maintains the use of predefined hot buttons on keyboards, remote controls, and other multimedia devices. If this service is stopped, hot buttons controlled by this service will no longer function.

How do I access the apps included in Windows 7?

You can access the more common apps included in Windows 7 (i.e. Windows Media Center, Snipping Tool, etc.) using the “Programs Menu”. Note: This menu will not display user-installed programs added to Windows.

Is there a service Configuration Guide for Windows 7?

We have posted service configuration guides for Windows XP and Windows Vista in past and now its turn of Windows 7. In this tutorial we’ll learn about the Windows services which are not essential and can be safely disabled or set to MANUAL to speed up your Windows 7 computer system:

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