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Frequently Asked Questions

What is serviceservicechannel?

ServiceChannel applies machine learning to deliver approval recommendations based on data from past proposals and invoices, so you can confidently make decisions to “accept” or “reject” faster. Broken unit under warranty — fixed for free.

Why ServiceChannel for facilities management?

ServiceChannel can manage your entire facilities operations to help you deliver a great customer experience. Get the inside track with ServiceChannel. The #1 Facilities Management Platform helps you optimize costs, reduce asset downtime — and deliver amazing customer experiences at every location. Faster approval, faster fixes.

How can ServiceChannel analytics help you?

Get actionable insights from data. ServiceChannel Analytics connects the dots on your disconnected data. Eliminate blind spots, spot the hot spots, and make smarter decisions on spend and strategic improvements. Cover your assets and stay compliant.

What is serviceservicechannel mobile GPS check-in?

ServiceChannel provider solutions like mobile GPS check-in give technicians the tools to work more efficiently, and give you the visibility to have more control. Ready to see into every location?

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