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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current interest rate on series I bonds?

The current 7.12% interest rate was already a record high for I Bonds, which was first made available in September 1998. Starting in May 2022, the new rate of at least 9.62% will hit an all-time record. Personally, I bought $20,000 worth of I Bonds at the end of October 2021 for myself and my significant other.

Are series I savings bonds worth it?

Series I savings bonds, or "I bonds" for short, come with guarantees, tax-deferred inflation-adjusted interest, and, after one year, liquidity. They could be one of the best cash investments you ever make. Key Takeaways I bonds are a good cash investment because they are guaranteed and have tax-deferred, inflation-adjusted interest.

When do series I bonds pay interest?

The interest on I Bonds is credited monthly and automatically reinvested every six months. You get all the accumulated interest when you cash out. You don’t get a separate payout monthly or quarterly.

When do series I bonds fully mature?

Series I savings bonds, commonly referred to as "I bonds," fully mature after 30 years. However, you can redeem them as early as one year after purchase. If you do redeem them early, you'll give up the last three months of interest, so you'll need to make sure you really need the money if you want to cash out early.

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