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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEPTA Regional Rail?

The SEPTA Regional Rail system is a commuter rail network serving the Philadelphia Metropolitan area. The system has 13 branches and more than 150 active stations in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, its suburbs and satellite towns and cities: Service on most lines operates from 5:30am to midnight.

How do I find the SEPTA Fare Zone?

See the Fare Pricing page for specific fares. Each SEPTA Regional Rail station belongs to a zone. The zones are somewhat like a series of nested circles, and are used to determine distance when calculating fares. Download the Fare Zone Map (PDF) or see the Stations & Stops information to find the fare zone for a specific station.

How do I get from Malvern station to Wilmington station?

Travel from Malvern Station (Zone 4) to Suburban Station (CC) on the same line crosses more zones and is a larger fare. Travel from Malvern Station (Zone 4) to Wilmington Station (also Zone 4) requires traveling through Center City and back out again, so this trip has the largest fare of the three, even though the stations are in the same zone.

Where do SEPTA trains stop in Philadelphia?

All trains stop at these Center City stations; most also stop at Temple University Station on the campus of Temple University in North Philadelphia. Now let's ride... 1. First things first. Download the SEPTA App for schedules, maps, TrainView, and more!

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