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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the new SEPTA schedule?

AT STATIONS: Look for schedule posters with the April 24, 2022 effective date on the day of the schedule change. ON YOUR PHONE: Users of the official SEPTA App for iPhone and Android devices should download the new schedules the day of the schedule change (Sunday, April 24, 2022) .

How do I pay regional rail fares with my SEPTA Key card?

Because the starting and ending points are used in fare calculations, customers paying Regional Rail fares with their SEPTA Key Card Travel Wallet need to tap a fare validator on the station platform or at a turnstile at both the beginning and end of the trip.

What are the new Regional Rail schedules for 2022?

New Regional Rail schedules effective Sunday, April 24, 2022, on the following lines: Airport, Chestnut Hill East, Chestnut Hill West, Trenton, Warminster/Glenside, and West Trenton. SEPTA continues to maintain service to 75% of the pre-pandemic weekday levels.

How do I find the SEPTA Fare Zone?

See the Fare Pricing page for specific fares. Each SEPTA Regional Rail station belongs to a zone. The zones are somewhat like a series of nested circles, and are used to determine distance when calculating fares. Download the Fare Zone Map (PDF) or see the Stations & Stops information to find the fare zone for a specific station.

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