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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose scienscope X-ray inspection systems?

Scienscope X-Ray inspection systems are assured to meet your x-ray inspection needs. Our company offers various advanced, fast, and accurate component management systems. Scienscope’s systems communicate with data management providing complete inventory control.

What is the X-scope 2000 X-ray inspection system?

The X-Scope 2000 X-Ray Inspection System is a full featured high-performance x-ray inspection instrument with an unbeatable price to performance ratio which includes all of the advanced features you would expect to find on a much more expensive x-ray inspection system.

What is the X-scope 1800 x-ray inspection system?

The X-Scope 1800 X-Ray Inspection System is an entry level machine with high level features. A micro-focus x-ray source and CMOS digital flat panel image detector with tilting for oblique angle views are standard, all at an affordable price.

What are the features of a scienscope system?

Scienscope systems include a range of 90kv to 160kv micro-focus x-ray tubes (down to 1 micron focal spot), digital flat panel image detectors (4096 shades of grey), programmable motion control (up to 6 axis manipulation), and intuitive inspection and measurement software. There are 658 products. 0.5X Objective Lens...

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