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Frequently Asked Questions

How do students log into Schoology?

Students are automatically enrolled in Schoology by their assigned school during the class enrollment process (managed by Synergy). Students will not have to create an account – they will log into Schoology using their CPS Google accounts.

What are the benefits of using Schoology?

Schoology will allow teachers and students to stay connected to learning anytime, anywhere, on any device. Teachers use Schoology to facilitate a digital learning environment where students can submit assignments, participate in discussions, and much more. Parents can use Schoology to communicate with teachers and view student coursework.

What can I do on Schoology?

Schoology will provide our teachers the power to extend their classrooms into an online platform that will facilitate both scheduled teacher-led and independent at-home learning. Teachers can share announcements, special dates, pictures, newsletters, discussion boards, lessons, videos, and more on Schoology.

How do I reset my password for Schoology?

To reset your forgotten password, follow these steps: Click Forgot your password. Enter the email address associated with your Schoology Lausd account. Click Send My Login Info. Log in to your email account. Note that it may take a few minutes for the email to be sent to your inbox. Open the email to reset your Schoology password.

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