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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all EPISD teachers use Schoology?

Without all EPISD teachers use Schoology to exactly the same extent, the advantages a variety of. Here are a few of the best practices intended for teachers to consider. After just about all, many educators have already been applying the brand new tool for quite some time .

What is Schoology and The Schoology app?

Schoology and the Schoology App are 100% FREE SERVICES provided by EPISD to all students and parents. You will never be asked to provide credit card information or pay for Schoology or any associated programs.

What if I am asked to pay for Schoology?

If you are asked to pay for Schoology, please contact the EPISD Help Desk at [email protected] immediately. While EPISD and districts around the nation transition to online learning, various online platforms like Schoology might experience intermittent outages, slowdowns, and degraded service.

What does EPISD do?

EpISD develops and implements security processes to help protect district pcs from external threats as well as- user infections. EpCC and EPISD will share data related to the PTECHS system for exam, reporting, and graduation plans.

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