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Frequently Asked Questions

Does BCPS have focus and Schoology for parents?

BCPS School Zone Chart and Contact Information Last item for navigation Baltimore County Public Schools » Students & Parents Parent access to Focus and Schoology is now available. Parents: For instructions on how to create a parent account please see our Tech Support page.

What is Schoology on bcpsone?

Schoology on BCPSOne gives parents and students 24/7 access to student courses, grades, and assignments. Please review the documents and training videos below to become familiar with Schoology and its features. How To Setup a Parent myBCPS Account, How To Connect A Parent myBCPS Account to a Student, How to Access Schoology.

What is Schoology and how does it work?

Schoology (skoo-luh-jee) is BCPS' online Learning Management System which provides teachers with tools to create engaging content, design lessons, and assess student understanding. This video outlines the features within Schoology. To access Schoology, teachers and students can do the following:

How do parents get access to Schoology?

Parents will need to create a parent account with the same email address they provided to their school to sign up. Parents must be marked in Focus as having educational access to gain access to their student’s information. It will take up to 30 minutes to gain access to Focus and up to 48 hours to access Schoology.

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