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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is ester satorova?

Ester Satorova’s age is 24 and she is model who was born in the Czech Republic in 1992. Ester Satorova’s net worth is unknown, but her husband is worth an estimated $17.0 million from his successful tennis career!

How old is ester Kvitko now?

She was born in 1992. Tomas Berdych (2011-Present) – In 2011, Ester started dating Czech Republic’s tennis player, Tomas Berdych. They liked each other’s company so much that they engaged in 2014 and got married in July 2015. She is 7 years his junior.

Who made satorova’s lace haute couture dress?

Satorova’s lace haute couture gown was made by one of her favourite designers, Lebanese Zuhair, who is also known to dress many celebrities for high-profile events and red carpets. And in case anyone was wondering, Berdych was wearing a navy suit, which had a few white flowers in his lapel.

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