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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay my city of Santacruz bills?

Online Bill Pay - pay your bill automatically or month-to-month from an online account AutoPay - enroll to have your bill pay automatically from your checking account Internet Bill Pay - this payment method is set up between you and your bank. cash payments - by appointment only - email [email protected]

What does the Santa Cruz water department do?

The Santa Cruz Water Department provides you with safe, high-quality water service that protects public health and is essential to your everyday life. Almost 100,000 people rely on the Santa Cruz Water Department for water service.

What's new in Santa Cruz?

The City of Santa Cruz has authorized temporary use of approved public streets and outdoor areas to give restaurants and retail establishments more outdoor space to safely serve customers as they are allowed to reopen. Social distancing requirements for sidewalk vendors have also been established in the new executive orders signed.

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