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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to promote VIPKid?

Spread the word about VIPKID. Bond over teaching with VIPKID. Give potential teachers information about the process and what it's like teaching with VIPKID. You may also post about other online teaching opportunities- this does not have to be limited to only VIPKID. Just please do not post referral links.

Is VIPKid worth it?

They want more teachers to teach the PPT so parents have a choice in who they choose to teach their child. Also you cannot add more students without the infrastructure of having the teachers in place. VIPKID is worth it. They are not a scam and I've been treated very well. I started in July of 2017.

What is it like to be a VIPKid teacher?

Personally, I love VIPKID, and have been teaching with them since August, 6 classes a day, every day. Since I've been with them I have enjoyed the experience and feel like they take care of me. My students vary, but I have mostly regulars now, and your quality as a teacher will directly affect how well you can interact with each child.

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