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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Reddit's 'r/world politics' community spiraling out of control?

One of the most popular communities on reddit, " r/worldpolitics ," is quickly spiraling out of control, users claim.

What is Reddit doing about political speech?

Political speech is sacred in this country, and we applied that to Reddit as well. At the same time, that community had rule-breaking content — content that was harassing or violence or bullying. And so our strategy has been to try to get that community to come in line with our content policies.

What are some tips for writing a political post?

No personal opinions/theories -> r/politicalopinions for those. 2. Provide some background and context. Offer substantive avenues for discussion. Avoid highly speculative posts, all scenarios should within the realm of reasonable possibility.

Why didn't Reddit ban everything?

When we started Reddit 15 years ago, we didn’t ban things. And it was easy, as it is for many young people, to make statements like that because, one, I had more rigid political beliefs and, two, I lacked perspective and real-world experience.

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