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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the owners of the Irish Red Setter?

We are owners of two dogs: irish red setter Ch. Garis izpod Belšce and irish red and white setter JCh. Knacker Red Nokomis. They are show dogs with many successes.

What are Irish Setters bred for?

Our Irish Setters are bred for the rough shooter and for the trialling person. Our brood bitches are used for rough shooting on pheasant, snipe and woodcock. Paul also likes to run and train his setters on the mountains on Grouse. Carrying a gun is not that important to him when it comes to…

What are the different types of setters?

There are four main types of setters, The Irish setter (pictured), Gordon setter, English setter, and Irish red and white setter. Male Red Setter Dog. Just over two years old. Selling as owner moving abroad. Very playful and friendly dog. Rare Pedigree Gordon Setter pups looking for their forever home, 1 male 2 females.

Why choose Clare for a young Red Setter?

The hills of Clare are great for a young setter to learn how to run and work the wind and to have the experience of heavy terrain with the possibility of a find of a grouse. We had the honour to own a fantasic Field Trial Champion Irish Red Setter Dog the we were lucky enough to add to our kennels.

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