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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give a home to an Irish Red and White Setter?

Can you give a home to an Irish Red and White Setter The Club’s rescue scheme is here to help any Irish Red and White Setter in Great Britain who may be in need. We are fortunate as a breed that the majority of our breeders continue to care for their puppies long after they have gone to new homes and will take dogs back if things don’t work out.

What is the Irish Setter rescue?

The Irish Setter Rescue is a volunteer group of ISCA members who diligently work to find new homes for displaced Irish Setters. Additionally, they strive to educate the public about the breed. Rescue is all about making sure that we as Irish Setter fanciers do everything possible to take responsibility for the well being of all Irish Setters.

Where did red and white setters come from?

By the 1980s, red and white setters were being imported into Great Britain, where the breed was developed more as a show dog. Interest in Great Britain had particularly been revived after Alan and Ann Gormley from Dublin exhibited an Irish Red and White at Crufts in 1980. This was 'Harlequin of Knockalla' who was bred by Cuddy in 1977.

Is a red and White Setter a good family dog?

• Setters are usually good natured, very gentle and get on well with children and other dogs. As with most of the gun or sporting dogs the Red and White Setter has an amazingly friendly and open personality and temperament. They are a gentle, kind and affectionate dog that is truly an excellent family pet.

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