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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of red?

1 a : of the color red a red rose red tomatoes I stopped at the red light. b : having red as a distinguishing color He was captain of the red team. 2 a (1) : flushed especially with anger or embarrassment Her red face made clear that his remark was cruel.

Why should I choose (red)?

When you choose (RED), you help save lives. All things being equal, they are not. Over 400 BABIES WILL BE BORN WITH HIV TODAY. SAME THING TOMORROW. AND THE NEXT DAY. AIDS no longer has to be a death sentence. A pill that costs just 20 cents a day can stop mothers from passing HIV to their babies.

What does it mean to be a red brand?

We believe in the power of the world's most creative people working together to help those who need it most. When a brand turns a product or service (RED), they make it simple for you to support programs on the ground that help millions of people impacted by HIV/AIDS.

Is it bad to be in the Red?

Philosophically speaking, being in the red is bad. Being in “the black,” which means a company is profitable, is what motivates industry, entrepreneurship and innovation. It is the very thing that enables people to feed themselves, clothe their families, create jobs and set money aside for the future.

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