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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Ramon?

Ramón or Ramon may refer to: Ramón (singer), Spanish singer who represented Spain in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest Ramón Blanco y Erenas (1833–1906), Spanish brigadier and colonial administrator of the Philippines

Who is Ramon in King of Fighters?

Ramón ( ラモン) is a character from The King of Fighters series. He made his first appearance in The King of Fighters 2000 as a member of the year's Hero Team. He is a luchador who makes extensive use of high-flying, a well-known characteristic of Lucha Libre.

Who is Ramon and what is his real name?

He is one of Mumble 's best friends, a friend of Gloria, Lovelace 's mentee, the adoptive uncle of Erik, the adoptive uncle in law of Atticus and Bo and the boyfriend of Carmen, he's real name is Ramon Carlos Boya Garcia Sanchez Santamaria de la Niña Pinto Pacifico y Benito XD.

What kind of Penguin is Ramón from Happy Feet?

Ramón is one of the five tritagonists of Happy Feet and a supporting character of Happy Feet Two. He is a male adélie penguin who is the leader of the group " The Amigos ".

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