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Frequently Asked Questions

Are psychiatric hospitals worse than prison?

The general experience is purely subjective. I’ve met patients who’d rather be in prison than hospital. Some things could be worse in a psychiatric hospital than in a prison. The nice thing about prison is that as a prisoner you know your sentence.

How to get myself into a psychiatric hospital?

Bring your best advocate with you. ...Breathe. ...Be patient. ...Once inside, advocate for yourself. ...Your picture will be taken, and no, they are not stealing your soul.You will be in a secured unit, locked in. ...Do your best to cooperate with staff and your fellow patients. ...Read your patient rights and understand them.More items...

Should I go to a psychiatric hospital?

You pose a danger to yourself or others. Many of the people who seek inpatient mental health treatment are at high risk of harming themselves or someone around them. Short-term treatment in a hospital will help stabilize your mental health and keep you safe.

Do hospitals need psychologists or psychiatrics?

They work in different ways and can use a combination of treatments, including counselling, psychotherapy and medication such as antidepressants. They can usually admit people to hospital if needed. You will probably need to see a psychiatrist if you have a severe mental health condition such as: severe depression.

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