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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Proxibid and how does it work?

Proxibid is simply a platform for auctions and payment processing. It's the individual auctioneers who sell and describe items, set the shipping prices, and set the buyer's premium. I buy and sell antiques, so auctions are a big part of my life. I like live auctions, but I also like online timed auctions, too.

When is the start bidding event in Phoenix AZ?

Start Bidding Participate in this event Add a reminder for this event Online Only Public Surplus - Phoenix, AZ by Sierra Auction Management Inc Wednesday, January 26 - Sunday, January 304:00 PM Mountain Phoenix, AZ Computers, Household Items, Jewelry, Electronics, Restaurant Equipment, Medical Equipment, & more!

Should I use proxy bid?

Do not use Proxy bid! Auction company backed they have 0% interest in making sure you get what was advertised. Any misrepresented items no matter how bad the item is misrepresented will NOT BE RESOLVED by proxy bid the only issue they will try to get resolved is the money you owe them regardless of what the Auction house has done wrong.

What is the best public auction company in Arizona?

Sierra Auction Management Inc powered by Proxibid We Are Arizona's Largest & Most Trusted Public Auction Company With Multiple Weekly Public Auctions!

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