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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best online proofreader?

Writer’s online proofreading checker is the top writing tool for students, teachers, professionals, companies, and writers. Be sure your copy is free of common and not-so-common English grammar errors. Em-dashes are not scary, but a missing comma is. Nail both with Writer.

How much do online proofreaders make?

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics * (2019), a Proofreader’s salary is an average of $37,550 and can go up to $61,480. ♦ Learn how to become an online proofreader with this free proofreading workshop.

What are the benefits of proofreading online?

Proofreading is a high-paying skill that you can learn very quickly and at-home proofreading can be profitable, flexible work to make extra money in your free time. Where would we be without proofreaders and others checking our work?

What are some good online proofreading jobs?

Google Docs – many proofreading jobs from home are done using Google Docs which allows for an easy way to mark and add comments to the original document. Google Docs is also easy to share online back and forth. Grammarly is a fantastic online tool for finding grammar and spelling errors.

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